Welcome to Reception!
We have two classes, Butterflies and Bumblebees.  We both have lovely areas to play in right outside our classroom so we spend lots of the day going in and out wherever our play leads us.  We are also lucky enough go to our school woodland at least once a week.  As you can see, there is still lots of time for play in Reception as this is how we learn best.  We also have more focused sessions during the day for phonics, maths and literacy. 
Meet The Team
Our enquiry for this term is "What happens in Spring?" We have discussed with the children what they already know such as:
  • Flowers start growing.
  • Leaves start to grow on trees.
  • We see more bees.
  • Leaves start to change colour.
  • Fruit starts to grow on trees.
  • Sheep have lambs.
We also discussed what we would like to find out to further our knowledge about Spring. The children would like to know:
  • How do bees make honey?
  • Which fruits grow on trees?
  • Do any other foods grow?
  • Do any other animals have babies?
The children have explored their environments to look for signs of Spring and have discussed what they have observed. These observations then lead them on to asking further questions to continue to deepen their knowledge. 
 Play Based Learning
Children learn best when they are fully engaged and motivated and the best way for that to happen is during self chosen play.  Our classrooms and outdoor areas are well resourced with open ended toys, this means the children can use the same item to be any number of things - whatever their imagination needs at the time.  Reception is the time to learn to play together, negotiate with friends and work together on amazing creations.
 Woodland Area
 “There are lots of exciting ways to work on your handwriting. We have been developing our arm strength outdoors.”
All children in Reception enjoy developing their arm strength by using our woodwork table. They are learning how to safely use tools along with joining materials together.