Our curriculum intent for Science is: 

For children to:

  •         Have a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around them
  •         Have a secure knowledge of the different aspects of science taught and have the skills to investigate
  •         Ask questions and make suggestions about new and existing ideas
  •         Communicate clearly and coherently their discoveries in a variety of different ways
  •         Understand the impact of science on our lives and the world we live in and have an understanding of how they can contribute to the world’s future (negative and positive)
Science week! 
This week (14th 18th March) we are celebrating Science week. 

The theme for Science week is growth. We started with an assembly all about growth, not just of us, but all around us. Did you know, the Eiffel Tower can grow up to 15cm in the summer months when the heat causes the metal structure to expand? Or did you know that the largest tree in the world is over 82m high, with a diameter of 7.7m? That's the same as 21 children stood side by side - we tested it in assembly! 
Children will be taking part in lots of fun activities this week, and will have something to bring home by the end of the week.