Welcome to our Year 6 page.
Your class teachers are Mrs Rogers and Miss Howard in Badger class and Mr Ireland in Foxes class.
Your class assistants are Terri and Mrs Francis. We are also supported by Miss Darling and Mrs Bryant.
You can contact us through Class Dojo or if you prefer, email us using these addresses:
Mrs Rogers: j.rogers@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Miss Howard: k.howard@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Mr Ireland: t.ireland@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Year 6 are currently investigating 'How are lives saved?'
We are being Scientists and Historians to help us answer our enquiry this term.
In maths this term, we are looking at place value, decimals, multiplication and division and position and direction. As always it is important that children continue to practise and learn times tables, basic number facts and other mathematical knowledge such as telling the time and working with money. 
We are reading the story of The Fastest Boy in the World. We will also be writing about How Lives are Saved and researching developments from the past up to present day.
We will look at word classes, punctuating speech and using cohesive devices to make our work flow and link together.
Later in the term, we will look at TEd Talks and develop our speaking and listening skills. We will write and perform scripts to create our own talks, detailing our reasons for our "Best Medical Innovation to Save Lives".
Other Information
PE is on Tuesday and Thursday. Children will need to wear their PE Kit to school, including trainers or footwear suitable for doing sports and exercise. Please ensure that this is suitable for the weather. We would ask that any children with long hair have this tied up for safety. We would also ask that any jewellery is removed for the PE session, again for safety.
Useful Websites
To help children with learning at home, we would suggest these websites to provide activities and information.
Key Stage 2 SATs
Children in Year 6 will complete their Key Stage 2 SATs (Standard Assessment Tests).
These will take place Monday 9th May - Thursday 12th May 2022.
SATs are National Tests that all Year 6 children in England have to complete. 
The children are tested in Reading, Grammar Spelling and Punctuation and Maths (Arithmetic and Reasoning).
Secondary Schools

For children transferring to secondary schools for Year 7, please use the following links to stay updated with transfer arrangements..

Lawn Manor Academy: lawnmanor.org then click on School Information and then Year 6 to Year 7 Transfer
Dorcan Academy: dorcan.co.uk then click on New Parents and then 2020 Year 7 Intake