Physical Education


Oaktree School has been rewarded for their good work in keeping children active through receiving the Bronze Healthy Schools Award.
We now aim to go one step further and achieve Silver Level by showing how we use PE as a tool for curriculum development. How? See below!

Oaktree is a Real Legacy School. This is a programme from Create Development; a company that not only helps teachers put the child at the centre of all learning, but also values 6 ‘key abilities’. The children know this as the 6 cogs which help them learn transferable skills to make them successful in all areas of their learning.
Class teachers lead PE lessons with at least one lesson a week taught from the Legacy programme of Real PE and Real Gym. This covers every objective of the National Curriculum to ensure children learn the fundamental movements skills, how to apply them, compete and most importantly, have fun!
Through the Real Legacy cogs and Oaktree’s values (every child, every chance, every day) we aim to:

  • Teach fun, engaging and inclusive PE lessons which enable every child to be challenged and succeed.
  • Develop children’s fundamental movement skills (agility, balance and co-ordination), healthy competition and co-operative learning.
  • Increase opportunities for children to participate in competitive sport.
  • Enable children to understand the importance of exercise and leading a healthy life.

In addition, Oaktree is building its capacity to ensure that all children are physically active every school day. This has been started through investment in large play equipment, such as climbing apparatus; small play equipment, such as skipping ropes and games; and grounds improvements such as the installation of a track around the field for the Daily Mile and regular walking. Strategies not yet implemented but planned include Create Development’s Real Play programme whereby children and families become active together using the school site to learn and their homes to practise.
Further improving the physical activity of pupils will be achieved through the Real Leaders programme aimed at training Key Stage 2 children in how to lead physical activities but can also be applied to other school situations – such as guiding younger year groups around the hall at lunch time, organising play buddies at break time and enabling their confidence in school council discussions.
Oaktree is also committed to improving swimming provision by ensuring that Key Stage 2 children receive 4 terms of lessons as well at starting a catch-up rota for those not reaching the National Curriculum objectives. Subject to coronavirus restrictions, this will start in the academic year 2020 – 2021.

We also ensure afterschool sports clubs are offered to each year group at different points in the year to enable children to continue staying active outside of their lessons.

Competitive Sport

Children are given opportunities to take part in competitive sport, both within school and in local events. We enter teams into various School Games competitions each year and intended to continue this again in 2020 – 2021 (subject to coronavirus restrictions). Our Sports Week activities give all children the chance to compete and earn points for their class in the aim of becoming the key stage winning class.

Why competitive sport is important at Oaktree Nursery and Primary School:

  • It teaches children to manage nerves.
  • It teaches children to take risks
  • It helps to build children’s self-esteem
  • It provides children with new opportunities that they may not have had before.
  • It teaches them to accept loss and enjoy success.
  • It is FUN!

Oaktree’s ethos is all about supporting the whole child and we are excited that Create Development have announced that they have teamed up with Young Minds, meaning we will be further supported in improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing.