Art and Design

Art and Design
We intend for children to:
  • Enjoy producing their own art
  • Express themselves in different ways
  • Have the skills to carry on their interest outside of school
  • Have their art work celebrated
  • Appreciate and discuss the work of others
  • Know about great artists and the historical / cultural context of their work. E.g. Men of the Docks - Take One Picture and the link to the Great Depression 1920s
  • Make choices about how they wish to express their ideas
Children will develop their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture as they move through the school.  We are supported by Access Art, a charity that provides training, lessons and support for teaching art in a positive exploratory way to ensure all children can participate and enjoy Art.  They will also learn about artists and designers which will inspire them and extend their knowledge of art history.  Artists are chosen to reflect the diversity within our school as well as learning about more traditional famous artists.  The children will develop techniques in colour, pattern, texture, line, form, space and shape, again supported by looking at different artists.  Each year, during Art Week, we study one picture in detail through the National Gallery's Take One Picture project.  This project gives the freedom to try new techniques, work on collaborative pieces and link a painting to many subject areas.  We are very proud to have had our work displayed in the National Gallery as a result.