Welcome to Year 2

Woodpeckers Class
Our teacher is
Mrs Rushforth.
Mrs Tye also teaches us.
Mrs Edwards is
our learning assistant.
Kingfishers Class
Our teacher is
Mrs Dyer.
Mrs Tye also teaches us.
Mrs Tyler is
our learning assistant. 
Useful Information
You can contact your child's class teacher via email or via Class Dojo.
Mrs Rushforth - p.rushforth@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Mrs Dyer - j.dyer@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Mrs Tye - a.tye@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Year 2 come into school to start their learning at 8.45 am. Please get your children in on time as we start phonics as soon as we come in.
The children finish at 2.45. Please collect your child promptly to avoid overcrowding on site.
PE takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. Children will need to come to school in appropriate PE clothing for the weather. 
Our Enquiry
This term, we will be answering the question: 'How do plants grow near me?'.
We will be scientists, geographers, engineers and artists.
We will be learning all about what plants need to grow, how different climates affect plants, creating some detailed drawings of plants, and most excitingly, planting some seeds to watch them grow.  
Our challenge at the end of our enquiry is to create a 'Plantopedia' - an encyclopedia of potted plants, and to create a sensory garden of different potted scented flowers. 
This term, as mathematicians, we will be learning:
  • money and the different values of coins
  • statistics - creating bar charts and tally charts
  • multiplication
  • division 
Our focus continues to be on ensuring that the children know their 2, 5 and 10 times table. 
This term, as authors, we will be focusing on writing information texts about plants; we will be using headings, subheadings, captions and labels.
The spellings for each term, will fit with your child's phonics group. These will be sent home at the beginning of each term.