Welcome to our Year 6 page.
Your class teachers are Mrs Bryant and Miss Howard in Badger class and Miss Dell in Foxes class. Please check Class Dojo for our most recent updates.
Your class assistants are Terri and Mrs Staines. We are also supported by Miss Darling.
You can contact us through Class Dojo or if you prefer, email us using these addresses:
Mrs Bryant: s.bryant@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Miss Howard: k.howard@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Miss Dell: m.dell@oaktree.swindon.sch.uk
Useful information
School times - 8:40am - 3:10pm
Our class entrance is the door closest to Taplow Avenue. Please enter through the school carpark. When collecting your child, please wait in the carpark and your child will meet you.
Please inform your child's class teacher if they have permission to walk home alone or changes have been made to who will be collecting them.
Communication will mostly be done through Class Dojo, If you have any urgent messages, please phone the school office on 01793 521903.
Children should read a minimum of three times a week and this must be recorded in their reading record. These will be handed in on a Monday but should be brought to school everyday along with a reading book.
Spellings will be given out weekly with a test on a Friday. The weekly spelling list will also be available on Class Dojo.
Children must practise their times tables at home. In Term 2, we are focusing on the 6, 9 and 12 times tables.
Year 6's Enquiry this term is
'Who were the Greatest Engineers?' 

The children will be developing their historical knowledge of the Stone age and Victorian ages and comparing engineering feats from history. They will then develop their engineering skills by designing and creating a model of a new bridge. In Maths our main focus this term is fractions, and we will be learning to order, compare, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. In English we will be reading and writing biographies, writing scary stories based on a short film called 'Alma' and writing time-lapse stories based on our trip to Stonehenge. We will also be designing webpages in Computing, asking for directions and prices in Spanish and learning balancing and negotiation in PE. Keep an eye on our Class Dojo pages for further information, and remember you can contact us via DoJo message or email with any worries or questions.

In maths this term, we are particularly focusing on place value. It continues to be vital that children continue to practise and learn times tables, basic number facts and other mathematical knowledge such as telling the time and working with money. 
We are reading 'Fastest Boy in the World' by Elizabeth Laird. The book is set in rural and urban Ethiopia. It is the inspiring story of Soloman, a small Ethiopian runner with a very big heart. We will be describing characters and settings using speech dialogue and relative clauses. We will also be writing diaries.
We follow Discovery RE. In Term 1, the children are learning about Islam. The theme is "Beliefs and Practices" and the key question is "What is the best way for a Muslim to show commitment to God?"
We follow Jigsaw PSHE. In Term 1, our theme is "Being Me in My World." The children will be learning about themselves, their community and their rights.
During this term, the children will revisit some of the core language they have learned in previous years and build on that to include extended feelings phrases. Children will revisit personal information and learn to express their feelings and speak in the third person. They will also learn nouns for school subjects and give extended opinions including the conjunction 'because' to give a reason for liking or disliking a subject.
In term 1, the children are learning about computer systems and networks with a focus on communication and collaboration. In this unit the children explore how data is transferred over the internet. They initially focus on addressing, before they move on to the makeup and structure of data packets. They then look at how the internet facilitates online communication and collaboration; they complete shared projects online and evaluate different methods of communication. Finally, they learn how to communicate responsibly by considering what should and should not be shared on the internet. 
Miss Dell's class - Monday and Wednesday
Mrs Bryant and Miss Howard's class - Wednesday and Friday
Please ensure children come to school wearing appropriate PE kit on these days

* Black or dark grey shorts or jogging bottoms (whichever is most suitable for the weather or an indoor/outdoor lesson)
* White or red T-shirt
* Red sweatshirt for outdoor PE sessions when needed
* Trainers or daps
Any children with long hair must have this tied up for safety and any jewellery must be removed for the PE session, again for safety.
Useful Websites
To help children with learning at home, we would suggest these websites to provide activities and information.