Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Our class teachers are Miss Dell and Mrs Breedon. Our Learning Assistants are Mrs Staines, Ms Vicki and Mrs Jenkins.

Miss Dell's class are Squirrels.

Mrs Breedon's class are Hedgehogs.

During this time, when access to school is restricted for grown ups, we will be communicating via Class Dojo. If you have not already signed up, could you please arrange to do this. If this is not possible, you can contact us via email.

  • Remember to bring your reading record in to school every Monday.
  • You need to wear your P.E. kit to school every Wednesday and Friday.
Term 3
Our enquiry question is, "How can science help the homeless?" 
We have began looking at different materials and have been comparing and grouping them. We conducted an experiment where we needed to protect an egg from a fall - this was much more challenging than we anticipated!
We also looked at a variety of materials and investigated whether they are hard, transparent, soluble, magnetic and if they conduct electricity. We have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes throughout our enquiry and today we conducted a variety of experiments to see if we could reverse them.
We made toast (and put this in water to see if it reversed the process), dissolved sugar in water, boiled water and made water through condensation, melted ice and mixed together baking powder and vinegar.
Sarah, from Sphere Science, provided us with a Space themed Zoom session. We have conducted lots of experiments about the stars, the moon and shadows. This was provided for the school as part of our partnership with Swindon Technologies Facilities Council.

The children really enjoyed themselves and were very focused throughout this. Sarah was also incredibly impressed with their attitude and behaviour.

All the children have a planisphere they have made to bring home. They can use this to help them spot constellations in the night sky.

The children are showing great team work and scientific knowledge. We will be using our results to compare and group the different materials.
We have 4 key messages for the children to remember throughout maths (and all of their learning):
  1. believe in yourself
  2. brains grow and change
  3. speed is not important
  4. mistakes are welcome
We have been learning about prime numbers, factors, multiple, square numbers and cube numbers. We are finding links between these and using those connections to deepen our learning.
To support the children's learning at home, please ensure they have time to practice their times tables at home. There are a variety of games they can use to do this.
You can see some work below, including our knowledge organiser. This is the learning we will be completing each term and what this looks like.
We are looking at narratives and descriptive writing this term. We are enjoying reading "The Night Bus Hero" by Onjali Q. Rauf.
We are using the passive voice and prepositional phrases to help make our writing more exciting.
We are learning about video making and video editing this term. We will be using the iPads to create our own videos and edit them using iMovie.
In Year 5, we have indoor P.E on Wednesdays.
Squirrels class go swimming and Hedgehogs class have outdoor P.E. on Fridays.
Please remember to come into school wearing your P.E kit.
We will be playing team games during indoor P.E in Term 3