Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Our class teachers are Miss Dell and Mrs Breedon. Our Learning Assistants are Mrs Staines, Ms Vicki and Mrs Jenkins.

Miss Dell's class are Squirrels.

Mrs Breedon's class are Hedgehogs.

During this time, when access to school is restricted for grown ups, we will be communicating via Class Dojo. If you have not already signed up, could you please arrange to do this. If this is not possible, you can contact us via email.

  • Remember to bring your reading record in to school every Monday.
  • You need to wear your P.E. kit to school every Wednesday and Friday.
The children are currently investigating 'What does Earth look like from the Solar System?'
We are learning about Earth and Space. We will be investigating shadows, day and night, the moon and the history of space travel. We are really excited about this enquiry and are looking forwards to what we will learn. 
The children have produced some lovely artwork about space.
We have looked closely at our Solar System, the different planets, how they orbit the sun and how they move. The children have been very engaged throughout this enquiry and really enjoyed learning about the different planets. There are some pictures below.
We have 4 key messages for the children to remember throughout maths (and all of their learning):
  1. believe in yourself
  2. brains grow and change
  3. speed is not important
  4. mistakes are welcome
 We have been learning about number and place value this term. We have been representing 3, 4, 5 and 6 digit numbers using counters. We have also been identifying and positioning numbers on a number line. This learning has helped us to compare and order numbers up to 1 million! We will be continuing this throughout the term and solving problems.
You can see some work below, including our knowledge organiser. This is the learning we will be completing each term and what this looks like.
We are looking at articles and reports about space travel. This includes the moon landings and Tim Peake's time on board the International Space Station. We are discovering some interesting facts and understanding what makes a good article. Some of the technical vocabulary has been confusing but the children have been brilliant at using the text to help them understand any new words or use a dictionary to find the definition.
We have been using PurpleMash to support our computing this term. The children all have their own username and login for this and they can access it at home too.
In Year 5, we have indoor P.E on Wednesdays and outdoor P.E on Fridays.
Please remember to come into school wearing your P.E kit.
We will be developing our ball skills during indoor P.E and learning football skills during outdoor P.E.