Welcome to Acorns 2yr provision.
Acorns Session Times

Morning Session – 8:45am – 11.45am
Afternoon Session – 12:15pm – 3.15pm

We welcome 2-year funding. From April 2024, this will include funding for working parents. We also accept children who can pay to attend. The cost is £15.75 per session. This includes snack. Please see below for an application form. 

We do a range of adult supported and child led activities in Acorns. We have fun with our music and movement sessions, enjoy visiting and exploring our woodland area and baking cakes, biscuits and celebrating foods from different cultures using some of our favourite recipes. We also do 'Dough Disco' daily to help build up our core strength and muscles ready for writing!

How a key person works
We feel it’s important that your child feels safe and secure. Quite often we find that a child will settle well with a particular member of staff, this person will become your child’s key worker. We will work with you at all times through verbal, written reports and information that you give us at the times of registration.
We welcome you into Acorns at any time.

We can be contacted through the main school – 01793 521903 and by email.

Our acorns address is

Acorns Mobile Number – 07719533110
Please find below an application form for our Acorns provision.
If you would like to apply for a place, please either drop the form at the school office or alternatively email the completed form to Emma Venghaus, Acorns Manager or Laura Rideout, Acorns Nursery Nurse at or
Thank you
Autumn Term 2023
In Acorns we have been enjoying the watching the changes to the leaves as they turn from green, to orange, to red. We have been busy making lots of lovely Autumn pictures using some of the leaves that we have been collecting on our walks up to the big field. 
At the beginning of each session we have started to introduce 'Wiggle Me Into a Squiggler'. We have been using different bits of fabrics, and moving our bodies in a variety of different ways. It is designed to help the early stages of mark making and physical development in our bodies used to help us when we write. 
The children have also been learning about how to keep our teeth healthy. During the session the children have been doing a fantastic job at cleaning their teeth.
In Acorns, just before going home, we like to do lots of singing and read stories. We are starting to get into the Christmas spirit, and  we have picked out some lovely Christmas and Winter stories. The stories we are reading; Owl Babies, The Squirrels Who Squabble, A Christmas Wish, Guess How Much I Love You and The Way Home For Wolf'.
We have just introduced these stories to the children, but they are very excited to read them all and to learn our new songs. 
This survey gives you the opportunity to let Ofsted know what you think about your child's school. 
At the entrance of Acorns we have a Lending Library. Parents/carers are very welcome to pop along with their little ones and can choose a book that they would like to share with their child/ren.