At Oaktree Nursery and Primary School, we believe that all children need to feel safe and supported in order to be confident and ready to learn. We understand the importance of developing skills that enable learners to access their learning and believe that all children should be given the opportunity to discover their talents and to identify their own strengths. We work hard to develop children’s resilience as learners and, wherever possible, encourage a Growth Mindset to all learning. We ensure that our curriculum is fully accessible for all children, including those with disabilities and Special Educational Needs. For further information on this, please refer to our Equalities Policy, our SEND Policy and our Curriculum Policy.

We strive to develop curious learners who are able to ask and answer questions, to look for links in their learning and make choices about how to investigate ideas and improve understanding. We plan activities that enable children to develop a range of skills that support them to learn, as well as building their knowledge through coverage of National Curriculum objectives organised into Enquiries.

We ensure that our curriculum offers a range of experiences to provide quality learning for all year groups. 

We believe that children learn best in a stimulating and supportive environment, in which they have the confidence to learn and take risks through a range of different experiences. This includes using our extensive grounds to experience and investigate ideas outside. Learning is supported by Curious City, an enquiry approach in which subjects are linked to maximise every learning opportunity. We aim for our curriculum to enable children to ask questions to develop understanding and to see links between and within subjects.

We aim that all children understand the role that they play in our school community and the wider world, respecting each other and developing their understanding of others’ beliefs and cultures. We promote social, moral, cultural and social development in order that children at Oaktree Nursery and Primary School have a strong understanding of the value of the rights and responsibilities of all members of society. We also work to ensure that children have a curiosity and respect for our environment and that they understand the importance of caring for and protecting this for us all.

RE and PSHE are taught using the Jigsaw Schemes of Work.

Please click the link below for our curriculum intent statements.