Year Three

This week the children have blown us away with their writing about the escape from Pompeii.
Here is Kiah's work.
Livia stopped. No matter how hard Tranio tugged she would not move. "What about my family?" she cried. "What about my sister? What about my brother? What about my nan," she moaned, "she can't run."
Brought a lump to my throat reading this.
Term 5 week 3
Boy the children have been so busy writing non-fictions texts about volcanoes and earthquakes!
Just ask them how many types of volcanoes they are or what a lava bomb is. They are little sponges!
So this term the enquiry is: What is beneath our feet?
We have been researching the tectonic plates and the Earth's crust, the different things below the Earth's crust. We were surprised to hear that the crust floats like a raft on top of the mantle, this is made of molten rock and minerals.
PE is now on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon. We are trying to get out for a walk on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Please make sure your child comes in PE kit Mondays and Wednesday and that they have shoes that they can get in and out of themselves.