Term 4

Year 5 have had a busy Term 4 working on their knowledge of fractions and measurements in Maths, and testing out their persuasive language in English.
We have just finished our enquiry to find out What do forces actually do?" (see photos below) and have now started a new enquiry, "Where is our twin?" in which we have learned what twin towns are, and which towns Swindon is twinned with. We have attached a curriculum map to show the learning we will complete over the coming weeks, including at the start of Term 5.
Please keep checking ClassDojo for the latest updates!
 Here you can see the children's Tug of War games to help them understand friction in our last enquiry, "What do forces actually do?"
Phonics and Spellings
In both classes, the children are grouped into either a phonics group or spellings group.
The phonics groups are run by an adult and the spellings group are more self-directed with adults checking in on progress through the week.
We no longer send weekly spelling lists home but there will be occasional tasks to help embed the new learning.
Home Learning
Please help your child to practise their times tables knowledge, to count in steps of 4, 8, 10, 100, 1000, 25, 50 and to read three times a week. Please ensure this is logged in your child's reading record.
Children who do not read 3 times at home will spend 5 minutes of a break time reading to ensure that they read regularly to keep up with the fast pace of Year 5 learning.