Term 1

The children are currently investigating 'What does Earth look like from the Solar System?'
We are learning about Earth and Space. We will be investigating shadows, day and night, the moon and the history of space travel. We are really excited about this enquiry and are looking forwards to what we will learn. 
The children have produced some lovely artwork about space.
We have looked closely at our Solar System, the different planets, how they orbit the sun and how they move. The children have been very engaged throughout this enquiry and really enjoyed learning about the different planets. There are some pictures below.
Roald Dahl Week
In September, we had a Roald Dahl week. We enjoyed lots of different activities and were able to get very creative.
We completed a scavenger hunt around the field, forest and allotment. We were finding different things associated with Roald Dahl, including characters and golden tickets!
We have also made our own insects inspired by the story James and the Giant Peach. We used wire and newspaper to create a skeleton and covered them in ModRoc. Once they had dried, we painted them to create our own insects and creatures.
We also used our senses to explore some food. We had rice cake, ginger, white chocolate, lemon, dark chocolate and a sweet. The children were very sensible with describing how the different foods looked, felt, smelled and tasted. Some were definitely enjoyed more than others!
We also created our own potions inspired by George's Marvellous Medicine. There was a great discussion about which ingredients we wanted to put in our potion and what our potion would do to those who drank it. We used alliteration to help us with this.
Squirrel class are very proud of the documentary they produced this term. You can view it by clicking on the link below.