School Council

Oaktree Nursery and Primary School has a School Council where representatives from the classes help to make decisions about important issues which concern them and their fellow pupils.

The School Council aims to:

  • involve pupils in making decisions about the running of the school;

  • help make school a safe, happy and fair place to learn;

  • help teach pupils about democracy and good citizenship;

  • work in partnership with all the adults to improve the school;

  • help make decisions about how money could be spent;

  • help arrange fund raising events;

  • make sure that every child can have their say;

  • improve communication between pupils and adults at the school.

During a non-Covid year, the School Council meets every other week. In between meetings, the School Councillors arrange with their class teacher to hold a ‘Class Council’ session.  This provides an opportunity for School Council representatives to feedback to the class what was said at the previous meeting and to take their views to the next meeting.  

Sometimes visitors come in to school and speak with the School Council. School Councillors answer their questions about life at Oaktree and have the opportunity to ask relevant questions of their own.

Here are some of the things that were discussed.

What is special about Oaktree?

“We get to be ourselves.”

“You meet unique people.”

“Teachers help you to learn what you really need to know.”

“It’s very friendly here.”

“It’s really good for learning.”

How do your teachers help you?

“They talk things over with us again if we need to. They give us resources to help us too.”

“They give you as much information as you need and if you need more help they’ll put you with someone who can help you.”