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Welcome to Year Four


Miss Wells & Mrs Vicki

Mrs Breedon & Mrs Francis

We kicked off the year by learning about Vikings in history, sound in science and also making sure we had lots of practise learning our times table facts and spellings.


Now we're in term 2, we are starting a new topic titled "We're electric!" in which we will get off to an exciting start by visiting the Science Museum in London on Thursday 8th November. We will also be looking at religious festivals that take place in this part of the year, reading Anthony Browne's The Tunnel and appreciating differences in our PSHE lessons which was started with a lovely story in Mrs Cooper's assembly on the first day back.


As always, spellings and times table homework will be handed out weekly and an end of term reward will be given to children who complete all their tasks. Please also see the learning links below for websites you can use at home.


We loved having Sam from the NSPCC to teach us how to keep ourselves safe in an assembly. She taught us some moves to help us remember 0800 1111 so we can contact Childline anytime to talk about anything.



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General Notices

PE takes place on Mondays and Thursdays. Please make sure you child has a full PE kit including daps or trainers


Click the links below to see what work we'll be covering in Term 2 (also available in the document viewer at the bottom of the page):

Literacy overview

Maths overview (see pages 5 & 6)



Term 1 starts - Tuesday 4th September, 9am

Inspirational Maths Week - Monday 17th to Friday 21st September

History Week - Monday 15th October to Friday 19th October

History Display & Coffee Morning -  Friday 19th October

Parent Meetings (see letters for exact date/times) - Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October

Term 1 finishes - Wednesday 24th October, 3pm


Term 2 starts - Monday 5th November, 9am

Science Museum Trip - Thursday 8th November (letter here)

Term 2 finishes - Friday 21st December, time TBC


Term 3 starts - Monday 7th January



Assembly Awards

Each week, children and adults can nominate someone that they think deserves to receive the assembly award. We will send a note home the day before if your child will be receiving a certificate.


Homework & Additional Learning

Homework tasks are handed out weekly. These will usually include spelling and times table facts. There are also website links in the learning links section to help you explore our current learning.


Lists are given out on Fridays. Every week of spellings work completed and handed in is worth a homework point. 


Some children will be working on a reduced list of words. This will include a sample of the current Year 4 words as well as additional words revisiting work in which they are not yet secure. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you lose the homework sheet.


Term 1, Week 1 (4th - 7th September) - au/augh spellings for the /aw/ sound

caught, taught, daughter, cause, clause, autumn, astronaut, author, applaud, naughty

Click here to download


Term 1, Week 2 (10th - 14th September) - in~ prefix

indecisive, indefinite, infinite, incomplete, incorrect, insecure, inactive, inedible, inaccurate, inability

Click here to download


Term 1, Week 3 (17th - 21st September) - im~ prefix for root words beginning with m or p

immature, important, impatient, impossible, immovable, immortal, imperfect, improper, impolite, immeasurable

Click here to download


Term 1, Week 4 (24th - 28th September) - il~ prefix and ir~ prefix

illegal, illegible, illogical, illiterate, illicit, irregular, irrelevant, irresponsible, irrational, irresistible

Click here to download


Term 1, Week 5 (1st - 5th October) - homophones and near homophones

medal / meddle

missed / mist

scene / seen

board / bored

which / witch

Click here to download


Term 1, Week 6 (8th - 12th October) - ~sion suffix for roots words ending se, de or d

division, invasion, confusion, decision, collision, television, revision, erosion, inclusion, explosion

Click here to download


Term 1, Week 7 (15th - 19th October) a recap of patterns and words plus a few statutory words

decide, decision, important, illegal, irregular, incorrect, occasionally, possession

Term 1 Literacy overview below:

Term 2 Maths document below - scroll to pages 5 & 6 to see what we'll be covering.

Learning links...

Spellbound spelling games - Spell Well, Beat the Bell and Wicked Words

Topmarks - times tables games - multiplication and division

BBC Bitesize - Changing circuits

BBC Bitesize - Electricity and conductors

Topmarks - addition and subtraction games